Arteria Art Project

Recently participated in Arteria 2015, one of the largest public art projects of India, conceived by the District Tourism Promotion Council, Thiruvananthapuram in August this year. I was fortunate not only to be a participant but also to work on a public art project with many established painters and sculptors of Kerala. The pleasure of the experience was enhanced by working on a larger size canvas by trying out a new medium of emulsion, pushing the limit of deadline, watching the curious faces of public while working, beating the heat and working with your own students from 6 am to 7 pm.  The brief was open and I decided to work on a simple theme of ' Elephantine Kerala'.
My students Shafeeq, Ashwin Raj, Jibin Raj and Sheethal helping me on the project. And below, me at work. :)

This is how the wall looks now. :) To know more about the project visit the link


Abhijith KR said…
നല്ല ഉഷാറായിട്ടുണ്ട്. നേരിട്ടു കാണാനുള്ള അവസരം കിട്ടുമെന്നു വിചാരിക്കുന്നു.
- അഭിജിത്ത്
charu said…
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charu said…
Hi Abhijith, Thank you :) it didn't turn out as I expected. Still, it was a wonderful opportunity to work with many senior artists and a new experience! How are you? good to hear from you after such a long time. :)

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