Some missing thoughts..

Really random.. yea some random thoughts. Recently some special attachments started inside my mind towards something.. nothing but the old city of Ahmedabad. Do i really started loving this place? I remember i never used to like anything here other than our campus. The dusty, sunny days always made my heart away from anything else.. some dark memories associated with the place also helped for that.. but, now when i am about to leave the place..,when only few days for that why i am feeling this? The autowallas, noisy traffic, Law garden , aamras at mahalakshmi char rasta, pani-puri, and the sev-puri at meetha kali, and the yummy lassi at manik chowk..the wonderful handdone graphics and typography all around,everything..everything i started loving.. Even the sweet Gujarati daal, i never thought i would drink that as i drink rasam. I dont know whether i am talking everything about my food tastes.. still, the city has changed my tastes. I could say not only Ahmedabad but each and everything that i wont get to see anywhere other than India. Yes it is lucky to be here in our country. such humanity, such warm welcomes, such lovely colours and the beautiful minds of people.. really our country is such an amazing place to live in. i don't know.. how to put it in words. whatever it is i think i am going to miss this place once i leave.. even though my mind is longing for going back to the gods own country.


I so agree with u Charu...this is a place where u can say "this is life" :)

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