Done on those days at 'Monalisa' (our flat). My first attempt to try acrylic. Thanks to mridu:) for inspiring me with those small little canvases.


vicevarsa said…
lovely colors..very much you...:)
miss u n ur presence...:)
mridu said…
miss u .. n monalisa .. n her ghosts :(
JanuskieZ said…
Hi... Looking ways to market your blog? try this:
just after the much cliche'd wor(l)d you created something so catching here. Some times When you talk, think or write you found yourself in a lone island, where no one listen you.

i enjoyed the way you created your cocoon and those dreams visit you often :)

Everything in life needs certain distance to be appreciated fully. Whether it is love, hatred or life itself.

This is supposed to be just that.
charu said…
Thank you nomad for such a wonderful comment :)

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