An experience

Recently had a trip to a remote village of Andhra for project purpose. Had a great companion, Jagadamma, one of the founders of Dastkar Andhra, Seconderabad. Dust, Heat, Yarns, Natural dyeing, River Godavari..above all, handlooms.. a journey with rich experience. :)


Sam said…
I'm not good at wet medium. So was looking for inspirations in dry medium. Your dry pastels have a different air in them. so I'll be tagging along with your permission. :)
jazzlamb said…
Hey the sketches look awesome. I love how you use your medium:)
Sekhar said…
Just tumbled upon ur blog :)
Great illustrations Charu. Yeah, rightly said, Godavari region is famous for its handlooms. We can find a handloom in the verandah of every home. Keep up the good work.
I simply loved the last piece. The way that window transforms into an open book - though an inadvertent result of the lay out - gives it a gazillion more dimensions.
Cheers Charu !

Warm regards.
this is really beautiful charutha
Sreedev said…
I am not the one to comment authentically about sketches.But as an ordinary art lover, watching silently your paintings, I am delighted..! They talk a lot..
Congrats..keep going..
Kamini said…
WOW! Just zig zagged my way from one blog to another till I came upon yours. What incredible sketches. I am so inspired.....! Truly fabulous work! How you achieve those results with pastels is something!
charu said…
Thank you all.. :)

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