Wall painting

In between I had fun doing a wall painting for daram. The fun was in working on something new as well as painting on something bigger than A4 or A3 paper size. As the showroom was for exclusive handloom garments, thought of drawing the process of handloom on the wall. The wall provided a big large space to draw the entire process from cotton to weaving. I should thank Dharmendra, my colleague and designer, for his help in finishing the work faster in the soaring heat.
That is me, painting :)
A closer view
Dharmendra, at work
The final painting
That is how it looked in the end.


Ambika said…
This is LOVELY work, liked the brown that you maintained through the painting and the designs, brilliant!
IndianTopBlogs said…
Interesting indeed.
So, we 'spotted!' you on our blog. Hope to include you in our June review at Indian Top Blogs.
Kamini said…
Charu...that is absolutely gorgeous. Still have to visit Daram after they moved from the airport location.
charu said…
Thank you all for the lovely comments :) @Kamini looking forward to see you when you visit daram..:)
Designwali said…
gorgeous work! so glad I found your blog!
Veena said…
Woww Chaaru gaaruu... I did make it a point to see your work when I went to daaram last time..
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