Treasure hunt

I have found these a few months ago when I was digging for some childhood treasures!! Now I actually consider these as treasures because of the innocence I find in them.. most of them are done while I was in 1st, 2nd or 3rd Std. Each one has some story to tell me or some memory to connect with.. :)

A festival in my imagination, I really dont know how an elephant can roar like that..

That was the usual dinner scene at home.. my father and my uncle, who stayed with our family for a very long time. The kerosene lamp was a must, as the electric bulbs used to be like fireflies.

A school youth festival stage programme. :)

She used to be my favourite Aunty!! So, I had to draw her :)

Drawings that I dont have to tell much about..

This one made me laugh...:)

And one of my favourites!!!

This is a combined effort of me and my sister. Reminds me of tough competition between us to make a more beautiful house than the other. I am happy that finally we manged to make them in one spread with one road connect them :)

The last one. This is done by my sister. I couldn't resist putting it up because of the cuteness in it!


Soumya Menon said…
Beautiful! Simply Love the roaring elephant :))
Ambika said…
How candid and childlike! Loved em, Brings back memories of my childhood too. And I Love your blog header!
smitha bai said…
My dear Charu, I know you from that summer vacation immediately after we finished our 10th exams... now seeing this I am realizing that I 'missed you' during that time when you cracked 'Dhe, Dhe' and heard elephants crying 'Khraa..Khraa...' LOVED it!!! Can't write anything more as it can't express the joy of seeing it - a massive hug for you my dear treasure...
charu said…
:) thank you.. all. @ smitha, you made my day!!! :)
Varsha said…
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Varsha said…
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Varsha said…
Awesome are a born artist..:) Makes me peep in my early days too...:)

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